I made it through Comic Con without missing a day! Yeah, suck it time management. I don’t need to sleep. I need to watch movies.

I didn’t get to watch a lot of the movies that I would have liked to (*cough* Star Trek *cough* Killing Joke *cough*), but I did get to keep up my perfect streak. I’m so wiped out from the weekend and I still have some video editing to do, so I’m going to apologize for the formatting here and direct you to my instagram account (@MrEricTheRed) to see my movies. It breaks down like this:

Tinker, Tailer, Soldier, Spy – Good, but slow.

Sunset Boulevard – There’s a reason it’s a classic. Great

Maximum Conviction – Throwaway Steven Seagal Action Movie. Meh.

Reefer Madness – Fan-fuckin’-tastic. Do yourself a favor and watch this movie

Twister – Pretty bad

Wild Card – Actually fun. Solid fight scenes, but it gave me flashbacks to my time working in casinos

Force of Execution – An even worse throwaway Steven Seagal action movie. Skip this one and go back to Hard to Kill or Under Siege.

All in all, I’m pretty stoked that I kept up my streak. I also had only watched one of these movies before, Twister. I love watching new movies, and can’t wait to see more.