Another week, 7 more movies.

I really need to start putting some forethought into my movie selections, it’s hard being this all over the place.


I saw this movie years ago, but admit that I’d forgotten most of it. I wanted to watch it again because Jon Favreau is the man and I wanted to look at the film that started it all. The movie isn’t fantastic. It’s very much stuck in the 90s and really isn’t about anything. However, the performances are pretty fun though the whole movie definitely makes more sense after living in Los Angeles for a few years. If you’re a fan of independent film or if you’ve tried your hand at Hollywood, this is definitely a must watch.


I spotted this on Amazon Prime and had to watch it again. I don’t know why, but my favorite sports movies are the ones that don’t care so much about the sport but only use them as an excuse for the comedy. That said, there really isn’t much actual hockey in this movie. People skate, and fight, that’s pretty much the movie. It’s weird to see Paul Newman use the language he does in this movie, but it’s also a lot of fun. If you like sports movies, this is a good one, though expect a fair amount of irreverence.


Okay, yeah, I know. I thought it might be terrible enough to be worth the watch. It’s not. I regret everything. Holy crap it’s bad. You can’t even realize how bad it is because I don’t have an appropriate metric or comparison. I fail to even understand how this got made. Someone get me the name of the producer so I can find out where the money came from. I have a pile of scripts to sell him.


Spotted this on Netflix and was feeling like a horror movie. The whole movie is shot POV from the perspective of an American jewish girl on a vacation to Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. There’s a lot of good setup for scares, but unfortunately the film delivers poorly. The whole premise that a portal to hell opens under Jerusalem and some sort of demon-creating infection spreads through the old city isn’t very interesting. They take a Cloverfield style approach to the plot and don’t explain very much at all, but the monsters in this film aren’t interesting enough to carry the movie. Overall it plays out like a typical B horror movie.


This one turned out to be kind of good. The first act is slow and clunky but shortly it gets moving. Natalie Dormer plays a woman who learns that her twin sister has gone into Japan’s Suicide Forest, so Natalie goes after her to bring her home. Once inside the forest the scares are decent and well crafted…for a while. I feel that’s always the case with horror movies. The end of the movie is what makes the film. People can forget beginnings, endings stick with you. Unfortunately it doesn’t leave a great taste in your mouth at the end of this one.


Holy crap I didn’t realize what I got myself into. All I wanted was a Kung Fu movie. As long as the fights were good, I wouldn’t have cared, but dear god this is bad. The CGI looks like it was done on the same computers as Babylon 5, and the costumes raided from Labyrinth.



Ah, that’s what I was looking for. This movie actually opens with one of the more interesting sword fights I’ve seen in a long time. The story itself is compelling, though very much in the style of many martial arts movies, a disgraced warrior returns to settle a score. The rest of the plot, using Wushu as a means of combating Western imperialism and to rebuild a sense of nationalism, is pretty boring. However I don’t think anyone came here for the story. The fights are where this movie shines, as I’m sure comes as a surprise to no one watching a Jet Li movie.