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Movie 16, June 27th: Wing Commander 

Like the beginning of every week, I like to start things off with something campy. Also, so far my Monday movie has been the only time I’ve seen the movie before the challenge. Because I wanted to kick off a Sci-Fi week and also needed something cheesy, I obviously went to Wing Commander. I actually still enjoy this movie even if the Kilrathi look like something they bought a Toys R Us. It’s still a lot of fun, and not terrible for a movie based off of a video game. At least it’s better than the Blood Rayne movies.

Movie 17, June 28th: Ex_Machina 

By far, the best movie I watched all week. I had wanted to see it in theaters but I never had the time. This film proves to me that Oscar Isaac is a fucking chameleon. I mean, how is this guy Poe Dameron AND Apocalypse? Him and Gary Oldman. Chameleons. Anyway, this is very enjoyable and thought-provoking film about artificial intelligence and has amazing performances by everyone involved.

Movie 18, June 29th Zero Theorem:

I knew going in that this was a Terry Gilliam film, but every time I find myself shocked by the visuals. Christoph Waltz slays again as a dying man who just can’t cope. In my opinion the best moment of the film comes right at the beginning with an in-film commercial for The Church of Batman the Redeemer. I want to watch the mockumentary about the creation of that church.

Movie 19, June 30th Exile:

WORST MOVIE OF THE WEEK! That’s bad considering I closed the week out with Jumper. Do not watch this movie. I was sucked in by the story and the thought that maybe I would at the very least get an interesting journey. While the story is rather original, the quality of the film is atrocious. It feels like a film-school project, and they blew the funding on a camera and then didn’t have enough to pay decent actors or get audio equipment. To make their audio problems even worse, right near the end they decided that they had to ADR some lines. I can’t imagine how jacked-up the audio they replaced was, but it had to be nearly non-existent to be content with what they replaced it with. I cannot stress this enough, do NOT watch this movie.

Movie 20, July 1st Infini:

This one gets the runner-up to Ex_Machina. Everything about this movie felt like I was watching a video game. Seriously, the beginning was the heavy exposition to get the story rolling, then the tutorial followed, and suddenly you’re thrust into the actual start of the game. The feel of the movie itself is something like The Thing meets Deadspace. I definitely can recommend this film to any sci-fi buffs out there.

Movie 21, July 2nd Vice:

I really don’t know how I missed this movie in 2015. Thomas Jane and Bruce Willis? Robots? I’m sold. After sitting through it, I’m not sure I’ll ever revisit this film. I don’t feel bad that I watched it, but I am glad that I didn’t shell out the money to watch it in theaters. Everything about it is just a little flat. The exciting moments never really hit the intensity that they should. If you decide you want to watch this movie, go ahead and watch Bladerunner instead.

Movie 22, July 3rd Jumper:

I succumbed to my own curiosity. Now I feel crappy. It turns out that Hayden Christiansen REALLY cannot act. Granted the material he was given wasn’t very good, but he just isn’t A-list quality. The beginning was ripped right out of an Alfred Bester story (Jumping instead of Jaunting) but then it devolves into Hayden jumping around the world being chased by an extremely two-dimensional Samuel L. Jackson. Skip this one.

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