All right. Fuck it. I don’t care anymore. These are my movies. There were pictures but they didn’t want to format. It’s stupid. SUCK TEXT INTERNET!

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June 13th: I wanted to get things started off with something fun, so I chose the 1966 Batman movie. It’s about as campy as you can get, but what’s not to love when there’s dialogue like, “somedays you just can’t get rid of a bomb.”

June 14th: My next film took me in a classic direction with Marilyn Monroe’s Don’t Bother to KnockIt’s a good little thriller and something of a departure from Marilyn’s more iconic roles as eye candy, but it never quite takes off. It builds tension well, and sets up Marilyn’s dark and damaged psyche but doesn’t seem to deliver. That said, Marilyn gets called a “cooch dancer,” so there’s that.

June 15th: Now we’re onto a great dark story. While the title isn’t as unique as it once was, D.O.A. is a fantastic story about a man who turns himself into the police for his own murder. It’s more Crank than Night of the Living Dead, as Edmond O’Brien has been poisoned and no one can help him.

June 16th: What’s to dislike when you put Humphrey Bogart Lauren Bacall in the same shot? Dark Passage movie stands apart because nearly the first 20 minutes of it is shot POV from Bogart’s perspective. You see what he sees and get right into the mix as he runs from the police and knocks out whoever gets in his way. Apart from what I feel to be a weak ending, it’s an enjoyable watch especially if you enjoy tough-guy-Bogart pictures.

June 17th: Raw Deal was actually my favorite film this week (though Laura comes close behind). It’s got everything you want from a gangster movie. Car chases, shoot outs, jealous and beautiful women, and a perfect ending. Dennis O’Keefe is excellent as the lead, but he can’t compete with his female costars. Claire Trevor actually plays the main character. It’s really her story, and in classic Film Noir-style, she relays brief glimpses into her mind via occasional voice overs. Maybe that’s why she looks so good in the poster and they made Martha Hunt look like Elphaba.

June 18th: Call Northside 777 surprised me with its length alone. It came in at nearly 2 hours, a long film for 1948. Jimmy Stewart plays Jimmy Stewart. He’s smart, clever, and always gets his man. A good movie, but far from his best work.

June 19th: And then there’s LauraIf you’ve heard one thing about this movie, it’s that it has a “haunting” score. It’s truly a beautiful piece directed by the talented Otto Preminger. Vincent Price is the real standout, but part of me can’t say that it’s due to his acting or because I flashback to the 13 Ghosts of Scooby Doo whenever I hear his voice.

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