Welcome back for another episode of Drink ‘n Dragons! This episode we went to Upland, California to visit our friends Mark and Lars at Rok House Brewing Company. They tell us about their Viking-themed brewery and tasting room as well as what got them started. Tim and I have been drinking here for some time and have been dying to share more about Rok House. One of the things that we love so much about them is their variety of beer. No two beers are quite the same, but further is that they don’t have any one theme to what their beer tastes like. You can’t pick up two of their beers and know that they’re both from Rok House, you’ll know they’re both fantastic, but not that they’re from the same brewery. However, whatever beer you choose to try, be it the Hammer of Thor, the Midnight Sun, or the Berserker Brown, you can know that it’ll be beautiful.

There’s one thing that we love, and it’s good beer. We don’t discriminate and further we’ve been growing our own pallets as we discover more and more great beer. It’s true that we all have our favorites. Tim and I love IPAs, Tyler loves stouts and porters. Those are all great, and I’m a huge believer of having go-to styles. If you find yourself in a cocktail bar, you should have a cocktail that you can order and know you’ll enjoy. The same thing is true of beer. I can walk into any brewery or bar in the country and order an IPA and be happy. However, in doing so you miss some of the gems out there. If a brewery makes a kick-ass saison, but you only order IPAs, you’ll miss it. The point I’m trying to make, is try beer. Breweries are more than happy to let you taste a beer before you order it. Take advantage of that. Ask your bartender for recommendations. Find out what that brewery is proudest of. Try a brown, taste a gose, enjoy a lager, explore beer. This will likely be a blog post down the road, but there’s more to beer than just the alcohol content, beer brings people together. Breweries are meeting places, where people come together to enjoy drink and talk. That’s the best part about this show. Getting to know the proprietors and the people, but enough about that, you came here for an interview.

So grab a beer, sit back, and enjoy this interview with the brewers from Rok House Brewing Company.


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Cast and Crew:

Eric the Imperious

Tim, Master of Shade

Tyler the Puzzled

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Produced and Directed by Eric Durham

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