The third installment of the epic that is Drink ‘n Dragons, takes us to San Diego (or as it’s also known…) to talk to the Lead Brewer of Mission Brewery. Bobby talks to us about the brewery and what sets it apart from other breweries around San Diego, and there are a lot to stand out from.

We had a great time and highly recommend that you check out Mission Brewery. Their mainstays are fantastic but the real beauty is in their seasonal rotation and how often you can get something new. In fact we swung by during San Diego Comic Con to relax from the stressful days at the con and they launched a slew of unique beers just for the occasion (Red 5 Standing By was my favorite).

Mission Also distributes some of their beers! So if you can’t get down to San Diego you still could grab some of their fantastic beer. Here’s a handy-dandy resource for you to use to find out if you can grab a Mission beer near you:

Check out our other episodes for more craft beer interviews and come back on the first day of each month for more interviews from Drink ‘n Dragons! We’re going to go to a new place each month as we continue our thirsty journey through this life.

Drink ‘n Dragons: Phantom Ales

A beer, a beer! My kingdom for a beer!


We actually talked a lot longer, but unfortunately we couldn’t fit all the content into this video. Look out for bonus content in the future.

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