It’s that time of the year and with everyone scattering across the country to celebrate the holidays, we decided to keep it easy for this holiday episode of Drink ‘n Dragons. So instead of heading to a brewery and interviewing someone, we grabbed some beer, stayed in, and had some laughs.

We went to for a list of holiday conversation topics (see the list here, though be warned that it’s from  the end of 2013) and then turned it into a game to rapid-fire though a bunch of topics really quick (rules were quickly disregarded). We talk about things like John Waters, Frasier Firs, the Debt Ceiling, Rihanna, and even get Tyler to do the truffle shuffle. I think the night was worth it just for that moment alone (skip to 08:19 to see it, and then go back and…you know…watch the rest of it).



The beers we drank were Little Layla from Bootlegger’s Brewery in Downtown Fullerton, California, and Dragoon IPA from Dragoon Brewing Co. in Tucson, Arizona.

Truffle Shuffle

Because I knew you wanted to relive this moment forever




So Happy Holidays from Murphy and all of us with Drink ‘n Dragons, and have a Hoppy New Year.

My how we’ve grown…beards


Cast and Crew:

Eric the Imperious

Tim, Master of Shade

Tyler the Puzzled

Produced and Directed by Eric Durham

Editor, Aelynn Durham