In the second episode of the House of X & Powers of X Dom of X pilot two-part special, Dom and Dylan cypher the island of Krakoa’s secret origins, the recruitment of some shady former supervillains, and the new role of mutantkind on planet Earth. Plus—a dance with resurrection, a drink with technology specialist Forge, and more!

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Issues Covered

House of X #4-6/Powers of X #4-6

  • Script by Jonathan Hickman
  • Art by Pepe Larraz & R.B. Silva
  • Colors by Marte Gracia & David Curiel
  • Cover art by Pepe Larraz (A), R.B. Silva (A) & Marte Gracia (C)
  • Letters by Clayton Cowles
  • Interior/exterior designs by Tom Muller
  • Line editing by Jordan D. White