In short, Professor Dom and Dylan conclude the X of Swords! Firstly, Scott Summers and Jean Grey reckon a squadron to save the swordbearers. However, will their relationship help Krakoa win over total annihilation? Meanwhile, the cards are turned as Opal Luna Saturnyne draws to a close. But most importantly, will the brand new X-Men prevail?! Plus—revelations from Apocalypse, the young, but stoic Cable makes a stand, and more!

Issues Covered

Cable #6, X-Men #15, Excalibur #15 & X of Swords: Destruction #1

  • Script/story by Jonathan Hickman, Tini Howard & Gerry Duggan
  • Art by Phil Noto, Mahmud Asrar, Stefano Caselli & Pepe Larraz
  • Colors by Phil Noto, Sunny Gho, Rachelle Rosenberg & Marte Gracia
  • Cover art by Pepe Larraz, Leinil Francis Yu, Russell Dauterman, Phil Noto, Marte Gracia, Sunny Gho & Matt Wilson
  • Letters by Clayton Cowles & Joe Sabino
  • Interior/exterior designing by Tom Muller
  • Line editing by Jordan D. White