Professor Dom and Dylan must beckon the prophecies held at the hands of Polaris, Magneto’s daughter! But who exactly do they run into? Unfortunately, there’s trouble afoot as they are sent by the Quiet Council to make sure Wolverine is okay… Will Logan be able to redeem himself, or will he plunge into the depths of hell? Plus—the Dom of X epic continues as Mister Sinister is woefully dragged into the fray, a conflict with Wakanda ensues, and more!

Issues Covered

Wolverine #6, X-Force #13, Marauders #13 & Hellions #5

  • Script/story by Benjamin Percy, Vita Ayala & Zeb Wells
  • Art by Viktor Bogdanović, Matteo Lolli & Carmen Carnero
  • Colors by Matt Wilson, Edgar Delgado & David Curiel
  • Cover art by Adam Kubert, Dustin Weaver, Russell Dauterman, Stephen Segovia, Frank Martin, Edgar Delgado, Matt Wilson & Sunny Gho
  • Letters by Cory Petit, Joe Caramagna & Ariana Maher
  • Interior/exterior designing by Tom Muller
  • Line editing by Jordan D. White