IT’S FINALLY HERE! Cuphead has finally graced up with its presence, and Kuma sits down to some ever so lovely aggravation. Sorry for the black bars, still working on that.

Cuphead is a 2d sidescrolling/platformer/shmup that pits the ink-blot style, hand drawn animated character Cuphead (and his brother Mugman is you’re playing co-op) against a variety of enemies, all with animations hand drawn in imitation of cartoons from the early 1900’s. The game is split between levels that require platforming and those that are purely boss fights. Boss fights imitate classic shoot-em-ups, or ‘shmups’, such as Gradius, Raiden, or Gunbird, where you must dodge hails of fire or learn increasingly complex attack patterns while spamming your own weapons. The game is quickly growing in notoriety-not for its art style, but its difficulty! If Dark Souls watched cartoons in the 1940’s, Cuphead would have been its favorite. Challenging but grudgingly fair fights and enemies mean every time you get a bit further, but you want to break your keyboard with every death.

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