Tyler runs around CCR asking people what their 2nd favorite thing at conventions is! Find out the answers from Susan Lee, Mike Wellman, Fanbase Press, Ray Anthony Height, and so many more!

Question: What is your 2nd favorite thing about going to conventions?

The Interviewees

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  1. Michael Tanner (Writer, Junior Braves of the Apocalypse from Oni Press)
  2. David Blake Lucarelli (Writer, Tinsel TownThe Children’s Vampire Hunting Brigade)
  3. Kimberly Weaver
  4. Barbara Randall Kesel (Editor/Writer, Shadowzone, Watchmen)
  5.  Ray Anthony Height (Artist, X-Men Blue)
  6. Tad Stones (Creator of Darkwing Duck)
  7. Bonnie and Xander of The Library Bards
  8. Susan Lee (Artist/Writer, Life on It’s Side Productions and Women on the Dark Side)
  9. Nicholas Doan (Writer/Creator, Monster Elementary)
  10. Karl Altstaetter (Artist, Bloodstrike)
  11. Lak Lim (Artist)
  12. Barbra Dillon (Editor in Chief, Fanbase Press)
  13. Madeleine Holly-Rosing (Creator/Writer, Boston Metaphysical Society)
  14. Kristen Parraz (Hi De Ho Comics)
  15. Hawkman!
  16. Brandon Easton (Writer, MASKS)
  17. Epic Pillow Fight
  18. Jimmy Purcell
  19. Henry Barajas (Office Manager of Top Cow Comics)
  20. Genevieve Marie (Cosplayer)
  21. Lisa Marie Varon (WWE Wrestler)


Comic Con Revolution




Comic Con revolution is an annual comic con held at the Ontario Convention Center. The second annual event is scheduled for May 19th & 20th, 2018. The hours of the event are 10:00am (9:00a w/ advance ticket purchase) to 7:00pm on Saturday May 19th and 10:00am (9:00a w/ advance ticket purchase) to 5:00pm on Sunday May 20th. Attendees can expect a full exhibit hall with over 300 exhibitors including comic creators (over 130 creators in Artist Alley), new comic dealers, vintage comic dealers, Comic publishers, toy & collectibles vendors, crafts, costumes, clothing, cosplayers, fan groups, media stars and more.

Comic Con Revolution was founded on very simple principles. We are excited to celebrate comics and the creative arts. At the absolute core of what we do are the creators themselves. The people who create the comics, games, toys, film, movies and more that we all love. Without their tireless dedication to creating the fantastic worlds we all get lost in events like Comic Con Revolution would not be possible
(Via About Page)

Check out their website, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and our other articles for more info!

Thank you CCR for an amazing weekend and can’t wait for next year!!!!