Tyler, Mary, and Samantha from Bettygoth run around DCon wanting to know who the REAL villain of Toy Story is. Find out what the creative people we ask think!

The Interviewees

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Marco the Pizza Planet Truck Guy
Andy Park
Tony Kim (Hero Within)
Good For You Toys
Cliff Cramp
Just Peachy
Art of Emily Strange
Joey Chou
Sofinsky Creations
Tentacle Kitty
Depressed Monsters
Sean ‘Cheeks’ Galloway
Ghoulish Bunny Studios
Lyfe Illustration
Stephen Silver
Roman Campos

Designer Con is an annual art and design convention that smashes together collectible toys and designer goods with urban, underground and pop art! DCon is over 350,000 sq. ft. and features over 500 vendors, art & custom shows, live demonstrations, and much more! The show coordinators strive to provide a fun, safe, comfortable environment for fans, artists, and vendors to meet. Join us every November at the Anaheim Convention Center for a weekend of fun, toys, and art!

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See you next year!