What are people binge-watching these days?! Tyler finds out at Long Beach Comic Con!

The Interviewees


  1. Ben Paddon
  2. MandyQuesadilla
  3. TaraCosplay
  4. Melina Chavarria
  5. Ofloda Monstris
  6. Edward Ambriz
  7. Mike Wellman (The Comic Bug)
  8. Rafael Navarro
  9. Hannibal Tabu
  10. Don Walker
  11. Francis Burns
  12. Andy Nordvall
  13. Barbra Randall Kesel
  14. Susan Lee (Life on Its Side)
  15. F.C. Brandt
  16. Esau Bautista
  17. Poe Noir
  18. Russell Nohelty (Wannabe Press)
  19. Barbra Dillon (Fanbase Press)
  20. Dylan Gray (Top Cow)



While we have been going to Long Beach Comic Con and Comic Expo every year since we began, this year was definitely the most different. This year they utilized the other side of the convention center, scrambled the showroom floor from the normal layout, and had policies for cosplayers. This was definitely a year for LBCC to learn not to change things up too much too fast.

The best part of a con is to meet creators or entertainers, hang out with friends you don’t see often, find new geeky things, learn things or be entertained by panels, and buy stuff. At this con, we didn’t really seem to feel like doing anything but see friends and buy some stuff from artist alley. It’s quite a shock that the con was this disjointed, like Jeff and I talk about above, and I hope it finds it’s identity come February. I just want to say that I hope Comic Expo is 100 times better.

For more information on Long Beach Comic Con check their website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Long Beach Comic Expo will be February 16 & 17 2019 at the Long Beach Convention Center. More info here!