Anime California is back and Casey, Mary, and Tyler run around asking everyone which anime character they would write in Death Note?! Find out!


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  1.  Kaitlyn (giraffrika)
  2. Chris Weller (Escape from Dulce board game)
  3. Kan (Kandaaang and The Corps Dance Crew)
  4. Joe Ochman – Voice Actor Extraordinaire
  5. Chris Tergliafera
  6. Jason Paige (Pokemon Theme Song Singer)
  7. Ezra Weisz
  8. ZombieCon: The Movie (Erin and Manny)
  9. Actcostumes
  10. Farhan
  11. Ashleigh Weasley
  12. MediocreWallofChina
  13. MarieSturges
  14. Mochi_Ouji (Nerd On)
  15. Mitsune_chan (Artist-San Studios)
  16. The_makeup_babe
  17. Cheese & Fruit
  18. Dat_KittyKat
  19. Xth_cos
  20. Weirdohope
  21. Ikarukame
  22. Kimikokorocosplay
  23. Cupnoodledoodles

Anime California

We had a blast at this year’s Anime California and I hope it comes back next year! It was located at the Burbank Airport Marriott and it was a very well used space. Our panel Unnecessary Debates was a hit and Tyler was a judge on the Stand Up tryouts and finals and that was amazing. Hope to see you next year!

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