Tyler talks to Aris Bionat at the Skybound Games booth about the current state of tabletop games, what makes a good game, what exactly happened to get card games to be so big, and more! Check out the Kickstarter  for Pitchstorm that is going through July 13th!!



We play Red Flags constantly on The Gathering and we are so excited to play this new game that brings our guests together! The Kickstarter is going until July 13th, so act now!

Click here for the Kickstarter page!

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To watch a play-through including our friend, Xander from The Library Bards, watch this:

Again, the Kickstarter goes until July 13th! So pitch in for the game!!! (hehehehehe)

*All photos are from the Pitchstorm Kickstarter


Game Tester/Demo Team: Aris Bionat


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Look out for games like Red Flags, Superfight, and so much more from Skybound Games! You won’t be disappointed. For updates check out their website.

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For more information, check out their website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube! Be sure to buy your badges now or check out the deal on Black Friday!!!!!!!!

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