Tyler runs around TitanCon at Cal State Fullerton and asks people which fictional character they would want as their professor and what would they teach? Find out what they say!

The Interviewees:

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About TitanCon:

CSUF Titan Con is a student-run convention at California State University of Fullerton designed to showcase our appreciation for the arts, pop culture, games, and student initiative.

CSUF Titan Con originated from students of various backgrounds. They were all united with a common passion for the arts, games, and community. CSUF Titan Con’s goal is to share and exhibit the passions of the students of California State University of Fullerton and to unite the community through one big event based on the conventions held throughout the world for all to enjoy.

(Via TitanCon’s Website)

For more information, check out their site, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

Thank you for another great year, TitanCon! Unnecessary Debates was awesome and hope to see you around next year!