The Shukai Crew interviews singer nano!


Who is nano?

nano (ナノ) is a Japanese American singer and lyricist managed by HoriPro and signed to the Flying Doglabel. They can sing in both Japanese and English, as they were born in New York. They posted music on YouTube and Niconico before being signed by a record label.

nano has recorded several original theme songs for various anime series, such as, “Bull’s Eye” for Hidan no Aria, “Now or Never” for Phi Brain: Puzzle of God, “No Pain, No Game” and “Exist” for Btooom!, “Savior of Song” (feat. My First Story) for Arpeggio of Blue Steel, “Born To Be” for Magical Warfare“Sable” for M3 the dark metal, “Dreamcatcher” for Magical Girl Raising Project, and “Rock On.” for the first film of Arpeggio of Blue SteelArpeggio of Blue Steel: Ars Nova DC.

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They have albums N, NanoirRock On, and The Crossing available now for purchase!

For more information on nano, check out their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube!



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