At GamerKulture, we talk about more than just games. Like the name says, we’re enthusiastic about the culture of gaming as well, and whenever the gaming culture hits new victories, we can’t be happier! The eSports scene has been growing steadily over the last few years, with ESPN even covering certain tournaments. Colleges have also embraced eSports, and many have official teams with full on scholarships! So when we heard that UCI was building an eSports Center on their campus, well, we got a tad hyped!

Replacing the current ‘Zot Zone’ gaming room, the 3,500 sq. ft. space is being stocked by iBuyPower with 80 gaming rigs and several large screens around the room. A space at one side of the room will feature a set up for future tournaments, with two teams facing an audience, their backs to the screens displaying the game. A mock up of the room can be seen here. The area is located right next to both the campus store and food court, so no going hungry for these gamers! When not in use for tournaments, the area will be open to students and staff, and will allow use of their computers for academic purposes as well as classes and other events where a large amount of computers are needed.

Riot Games is also assisting with the project, with League players receiving special benefits, although what those are has yet to be released. Riot is also lending their expertise in running events, helping the staff learn the most efficient way to organize large gaming tournaments, of which Riot has had one or two.

We can’t wait to bring you more news on this amazing endeavor as it becomes available! While we have yet to get in contact with those coordinating this undertaking, we will still do what we can to continually update our readers on SoCal’s latest eSports hub!