We had a ball at Comikaze this year, but let’s be real, we have a ball there every year.

This year was particularly fun because we got to bring along Ashley, and while it wasn’t her first convention, it definitely was her first time like this. She and I took a Barbie powerwheels jeep and gave it one serious makeover. We stripped and repainted the whole thing so now it fits into Jurassic Park, just you know, tinier.

We are the grand geek GATHERING afterall so we also wanted to ask people around the convention about what it meant to them to be a part of this crazy fan-based world that we live in. So we grabbed our camera and asked people, “What does geekdom mean to you?” Check out the video below for some of the answers we got.



Now I know you’re only still here to see that jeep I was talking about, here you go:

We also recorded some amazing podcasts this year, including a long conversation with Ray Anthony Height! If you haven’t checked out his work, it is beautiful. We managed to sit down with him to talk about the return of Midnight Tiger!