World War II has begun. As the Nazi troops continue to advance through France, they have forced Britain and France to the coast. The Dunkirk Evacuation historically takes place over the span of 9 days from May 26, 1940 to June 4, 1940. Our story takes place during that time frame.

Now that the movie has officially opened, I can finally say that I got the opportunity to see an advance screening on Wednesday, July 19th. One of the reasons why I enjoyed the movie so much is because of how it was technically executed. While it does lack some character depth, pay attention to everything going on around you. Let yourself get lost. It’s a survival movie at its core and Nolan does his best to make sure it’s as realistic as possible.

Here are some facts you need to know before going into the movie:

  • World War II started in September 1939 when Hitler invaded Poland. So this event takes place not too long after that.
  • It’s primarily told from the British perspective but does feature French soldiers.
  • The Dunkirk Evacuation was known as Operation Dynamo.
  • Dover Castle played a huge role during the evacuation. You can actually visit it. It’s an English Heritage site:
  • The Strait of Dover is the shortest water passage between England and France.
  • Some of the civilian little ships that are seen in the movie reprised their roles from the actual event. To learn more about their history, visit:
  • It’s 1hr and 46 minutes long.
  • It has a 91% certified fresh rating from Rotten Tomatoes and still stands at a 9/10 score from IMBD as of July 21st.
  • Prepare yourself if you are sensitive to war sound effects. They can be loud. Especially if you’re seeing it in 70 mm/IMAX.
  • According to Variety and other entertainment news outlets,  it opened with a $5.5 million box office report on Thursday.

Overall impression? 8.5/10 from me. As someone who loves history and is a particular fan of going through anything WW2 related, I got attached. Don’t miss this one. I won’t be surprised if it’s involved in Oscar talk later on.