You like us, you really like us!

Welcome to the 10th episode of our new monthly comedy pitching podcast, “Burn After Pitching.” Featuring writers Andy Nordvall and Michael Tanner as the rotating hosts.

This is a round table podcast where creators, podcasters, comedians and robots from the distant future are challenged to pitch their ideas on a theme or property and are either built up or torn down…for fun.

On this episode we have one new guest and one returning favorite, Kieran de Leon Horton and Brandon Burkhart (last seen on episode 3!) This episode we tackle OSCAR BAIT! Those movies that you maybe saw one or two of them that year and you’ll feel a little guilty that you didn’t see more but you’ll have some REAL strong opinions on which one should have won the big award.

We get funny, we get heady, we get topical…well, we recorded this a few weeks ago so Covid-19 was still the big world event going on (but seriously, it hasn’t gone away–wear a mask when you go out…for real). Press that play button, follow us on twitter, and don’t forget to hit that like button…wait…. is there a like button? There isn’t? Well… there should be. Anyway….

Enjoy the show!