Originally Written by Monica Oakwood

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has been lauded as one of, if not the best video games of all time. With its revolutionary gameplay mechanics, breathtaking visuals, fantastic world, the lovable cast of characters, the praise for this game just goes on and on. Nintendo truly outdid themselves when they released this masterpiece on Wii U and Switch consoles over two years ago. However, with the recent E3 announcement of a direct sequel in production, something which the Zelda franchise has not seen before since Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask, along with a tantalizing BotW preview trailer at what might be to come, fans are scrambling to dissect the comparably massive open world RPG game once again. Lore which has been taken at face value for quite some time is now being analyzed intensely to the point where the fans are questioning if the lovable and almost innocent game has a much darker, more sinister side to it that we may have missed all along.

For starters, the trailer itself seems to be using the same game engine as well as the same overall Link and Zelda models from Breath of the Wild. Although there are some slight differences between these two new models and the older ones, such as Zelda’s much shorter hair, as was as a few more pieces to Link’s Champion outfit, the visual style presented within the teaser trailer is unmistakably from Breath of the Wild. This begs the question, though, what else could our beloved hero and princess be facing? Many fans believe they already know the answer to this. Within the trailer, a shriveled up and the desiccated corpse can be seen within some sort of cavernous underground. This is speculated to be beneath the castle as events later within the trailer will depict. The body is splayed out before the onlooker within the trailer, and upon a few quick pan-ups of the corpse Gerudo iconography is seen to be littered all over the shriveled body. Not only that, but long flowing red hair has made many fans quick to assume that Ganon (or Ganondorf) has returned once more to shake Hyrule to its very core. Of course, this is a simple conclusion to draw, but the origins of this reincarnation of Ganondorf are speculated to be much more complicated than other iterations have told.

Let’s back up a bit and explore another part of the trailer away from the spooky freaky corpse thing. As Link and Zelda are seen investigating these strange chasms at one point early on in the trailer, a torch is held up to illuminate a wall covered in a relief that seems to depict a humanoid figure riding a horse while wielding a trident. Furthermore, this relief is painted all in red and is shown to have long red hair. This detail included within the trailer also points to the return of the franchise’s most pervasive villain as many fans have been quick to point out. Some have even taken it a point further and have begun to speculate whether or not the setting witnessed within the teaser trailer could be the very tomb of our main antagonist. But why would such a dreaded figure have a grave in the first place? If this antagonist is so vile, why would they have a proper place of burial? Well, some fans, as well as myself, have started postulating theories as to why this is. And I happen to have an opinion for that as well. Within the first iteration of Breath of the Wild, there is a lore piece which is constantly retold to the player about a battle 10,000 years ago which predates the former war our player character, Link, had previously fought in. Within the storytelling sequence, a tapestry-like animation is shown depicting the original princess of Hyrule, as well as the original hero of this game’s plotline. However, the hero within the lore has features many do not

contribute to our traditionally reincarnated Hyrulian heartthrob. Instead of the blonde hair and funny looking green hat, this hero is depicted with a larger nose, which is a trait of the Gerudo people, flowing red hair.


The corpse in question is more than desiccated enough for it to be that age, perhaps even mummified as the Shiekah monks are in every shrine you come across within the game. This death would also be around the time of the ancient Shiekah anyway. Now, this may be quite a leap to say, but I will say it anyway. What if Ganon was the original hero of the ancient calamity? The depictions and iconography would make a lot more sense then. Not only that but his burial would be of the highest honor, perhaps so high that it would even be in a place of significance? Maybe even someplace so grand as underneath Hyrule castle itself? Of course, the other argument to this would be that Ganon was sealed inside of the tomb so that he could be trapped away, but even then, why of all places would the ancient Hyrule civilization choose their beloved castle? They had guardians and shrines, why not seal Ganon inside a shrine with a gazillion guardians around him? Such security measures would be much more secure rather than just chucking his body underneath the castle.

Regardless of the reasons, one thing is assured of the sequel that many fans agree on. Ganon is back, and he looks pissed. With his slit, Sauron-esque red eyes, and creepy music in abundance, the king of the Gerudo has come back to life with a vengeance. This theory of course doesn’t even take into account what the heck that creepy disembodied blue hand was, or the fact that the music playing has been speculated to be the original game over music played backwards and slowed down? Or the fact that people claim to hear voices in the trailer whispering other bone chilling things. Whatever your opinion is of the trailer, or the speculation of what is to come in this new iteration. Many fans already have confirmed that in their eyes, this Zelda game is truly going to be an amazing one.