If you’ve been a visitor to this site, you might have seen a flag for something called Drink ‘n Dragons. It’s been up there since the website launched because it’s something that we’ve been working on for a while. The fact of the matter is that people geek out about a lot of things, but we each geek out about different things. Being a geek is a deeply personal idea. No two geeks are exactly alike, they may like similar items but for different reasons. Some of us, for example, love beer.

I’m not talking about having a beer after work to wind down, I mean a deep-seated connection to beer. Traditional beer, experimental beer, domestic beer, import beer, craft beer, bitter beer, sour beer, creamy beer, dark beer, light beer, beer you make yourself, beer you buy in a store, the list is endless. So we made a show about it.

Drink ‘n Dragons is about the people who make craft beer, the places that serve it, and the people who love it. Our first episode is going to come out this Friday, July 1st. We shot it in The Copper Door Bar in Downtown Santa Ana, California on a favor from the management there last November. Unfortunately due to some hiccups and growing pains, it took us this long to bring the show to you. I’m happy to say that Drink ‘n Dragons will be a monthly occurrence and a staple of The Grand Geek Gathering’s video content. So far we’ve shot 3 episodes and they just keep getting better.

So check out the show this Friday. Share it, tell your friends, let us know about what you would want to know about these places. What questions do you have for the brewers and owners of breweries? We’ll be heading out to a new location every month, and want your input.

Oh, and this is Murphy. He says hi.

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So grab a beer, geek out with us, and join the gathering.