Okay, before you even start reading this, if you haven’t seen the movie yet go see it NOW. If you have, good. If you haven’t, MASSIVE SPOILERS obviously to come ahead.


Okay, hopefully, you either saw the movie, or are completely okay with spoilers. I gave you enough warning.

Now you are probably feeling a lot of emotions after what happened in Avengers: Infinity War, and today we are going to talk about exactly, WHO DESERVES TO BE BLAMED FOR LETTING THANOS get away with killing half of the universe. Now a lot of people have been pointing fingers at certain characters. Really everyone is just unsure how to feel about that ending.

Well  I’m going to be pointing the finger at everyone and we are going to go over exactly who deserves more of the blame for what happened in Infinity War. One a 0-10 scale, we will rate exactly how much they deserve this dishonor.


Antman and Hawkeye

Blame Factor: 2

Reasoning: No house arrest should stop you from not saving half the human race. Who knows, they could of done some real damage to Thanos. However I’m sure they were just doing what they felt was best for their family…

Their probably non-existent half-a-family now.

The Collector

Blame Factor: 1

We don’t exactly know what kind of fight The Collector put up when Thanos just showed up at his base to take the Reality Stone, but considering how bad it looked afterwards it either went down one of three ways.

  • He put up a massive fight and Thanos in turned destroyed his whole base looking for it.
  • He put up no fight and Thanos destroyed it anyways because he’s a dick.
  • The Collector wasn’t even there at the time and Thanos destroyed it looking for it.

If it’s 2, then he deserves at least a solid 8 on the blame scale, but chances are it’s one of the other two, probably number 1, because even the Collector wasn’t stupid enough to just give up anything to Thanos that would make complete destruction possible. Plus it was part of his “collection” and I doubt he really wanted to give anything up from his collection.

Okoye, M’Baku, Ned, Shuri, Pepper Potts, Nick Fury and Maria Hill

Blame Factors: 0

Reasoning: STOP IT! NOW! Now of these people deserve any blame. The only one you could make the argument on is Shuri for not going fast enough with the Mind Stone, but hell it isn’t her fault that Banner and Stark weren’t smart enough do it right THE FIRST TIME!

And Nick Fury and Maria Hill would have done something if they even had enough time too. They even tried when they figured how bad it truly was. Hopefully Captain Marvel can fix this giant mess.

THANOS & His Goons

Blame Factor: 10

Reasoning: Well duh.

Now that the honorable mentions are out of the way, now we get to the real list. Get ready because there are like 24 of them.

  1. Vision

Blame: 0.00000001

Reasoning: Vision really doesn’t deserve any blame here. Not only was he basically on death’s door the whole damn movie, he was one of the few people who knew what needed to be done immediately. As soon as the idea of the stone needing to be destroyed became a thought in anyone’s head, he stepped up and said let’s do it. He also completely fought valiantly even when barely clinging to life. If Wanda didn’t urge him not to, they would of did it before Banner had any idea of taking the stone from him. The only reason he gets that 0.00000001 of blame is because he should have kept pressing the issue. He knew what was right, but even then it’s understandable why he didn’t.  He finally had his love, finally wanted to just live, and wanted to save everyone and live to tell the tale.

I don’t blame you Vision. I don’t.

Screw it I’m taking that 0.00000001 back. He’s a 0.

  1. Heimdall

Blame: 0.0001

Reasoning: Another person barely to blame is Heimdall. He was already mostly dead by the beginning of the movie. The only reason I cast any blame is because Heimdall transported Hulk back to Earth before he died. Why didn’t he do it for the Tesseract? Thor? He was dying, so maybe he had only enough for one. Then why not the stone? It’s hard to really give him that blame to begin with, considering he was at least able to save Banner and get him to Earth to warn everyone else.

  1. Bucky Barnes

Blame: 0.0001

Reasoning:  Bucky was on ice and hiding out in Wakanda with no knowledge of basically anything leading up to this. He really doesn’t deserve any blame. Only thing I believe he could of done differently was probably wind up and just full on punch Thanos in his head hole with his newly more advanced metal arm. That would of made a dent right? He seemed much more reliant on his rifle this time around.

  1. Black Widow

Blame: 0.0001

Reasoning:  What could she have done better? Maybe yelled at Hawkeye over the phone? Ant-man too, she probably knew where both of them were. However, that’s more indirect. She did everything she could to try and stop Thanos, and considering she is one of the most human of the team other than just being extremely bad ass and literally one of the toughest Avengers.

What? You don’t think so? Fight me.

  1. Falcon


Blame: 0.0001

Reasoning: Falcon was just following what he felt was right. He followed his friend Steve and wanted to save the world. What did he do wrong? Pretty much the same as Black Widow, although he probably had less knowledge of where Ant-man and Hawkeye were. But why not continue to bug people. “Hey you know, we need them, we are all going to die, you know?”

Again indirectly, so realistically, not much, but just enough for me to give him 0.0001 of blame.

  1. T’Challa / Black Panther

Blame: 0.1

Reasoning: The King of Wakanda really only did one thing wrong and that was not giving an extra part of guards to try and protect Shuri and Vision. Yes, he did have some protection there, but I felt he could of provided a few extra in that room.  I mean it was the gem they were all protecting in there. Why was there such weak defense in the back? Did they not realize people could go through the back? Black Panther’s only mistake was not protecting his rear when realistically he should have had at least ten percent of what he had in the front, in the back.

  1. James “Rhodey” Rhodes / War Machine

Blame: 0.1

Reasoning: Being only the last active Avenger talking to the higher ups, Rhodes had the best chance of talking to Ross and the others into sending some sort of army to help fight Thanos. Yes, he was letting Captain, Black Widow, Falcon, known fugitives to help, but dear god, FATE OF THE UNIVERSE PEOPLE! Would Ross just jump into battle and fight Thanos by himself?! Okay, yeah Red Hulk, blah blah blah, there is no Red Hulk here. Not yet anyways…

Regardless he still could have tried. He already knew he was in trouble with Ross after working with them to being with. Who cares if they said no? Hang up then. No, Ross not wanting to play ball wasn’t really his fault, but he could have tried. If they had provided an army, it would of helped a lot and maybe even gave enough punch to keep the army of Aliens back long enough to separate the Mind Gem from Vision.

  1. Groot

Blame: 0.1


When he finally does put it down, he becomes useful, which was the more important part of the movie. However, if he had put it down sooner, maybe he would have been able to tell the rest of the guardians how bad the rest of the plan was.

Or maybe not, sap-nosed tree kid…

I don’t know he was just a kid…

Oh god…

  1. Rocket Racoon

Blame: 1

Reasoning: It’s hard to put Rocket on a full point of blame. His words to Thor to try and make sure he was ready for the upcoming battle came back to bite him later, saying that if this didn’t work out he “had a lot of lose”. He lost everyone. Gamora, Groot, Drax, Mantis, Starlord. I wouldn’t really call Nebula as someone he would be happy to see so he pretty much lost everyone.

However, he was the “captain” right? The “smart” one? Couldn’t he have said how stupid it was for Gamora to go to Knowhere? (Which we will get to later) Heck, he was the one who kinda officially separated the teams.  Rocket should of known better on that one.

It’s still hard to blame him though, considering how much he lost.

  1. Peter Parker/ Spider Man

Blame: 1

Reasoning: I thought Rocket’s was bad to write…this one is even worse.

I really didn’t want to give Peter a full point. I really didn’t, but I couldn’t help but think Peter could of did one more thing to truly help lock down Thanos to get that gauntlet off. HIS WEB. Yes, he used some, but why the heck couldn’t he coat Thanos with tons of web over and over and over to basically glue him in place? That way when idiots *cough* Quill *cough* decide to go against the plan, Thanos has to take an extra few more minutes to escape, giving you enough time to get him back under control or get the gauntlet off.

He tried his best though right? Right?

Ugh, I don’t feel so good…

  1. Captain (America?/ Nomad?)/ Steve Rogers

Blame: 1

Reasoning: Although Captain was thrown out of the Avengers a while ago, he still embodies the duty he always has which of course is to protect people against any and all threats. Only differences is he is now doing it for more than just America. Now when he does go to see Rhodes and Banner earlier in the film, we get Ross demanding he be arrested. Understandable that he wouldn’t try and press the issue further…

Except he does, stating that he is done asking for permission. So why oh why doesn’t Steve Rogers, former Captain America not go to ANYONE. NEWS OUTLETS. OTHER COUNTRIES. ANYONE and be like “Hey, big Aliens, we are all gonna die, we need an army.”

Now, he does kinda do that. He does it in Wakanda. That’s it though? One country? You’re telling me that every other country is so bitter that they won’t help Captain to PROTECT THEIR OWN ASSES?!

Heck he could of tried to even talk to Ross again and explain that. I would think even Ross lacks self-preservation instincts. You’d think so anyways. Maybe if he walked into the room with Ross and immediately lit himself on fire he’d understand how bad this situation was.

His number isn’t higher because he sure as hell made up for it later trying to stop Thanos.

  1. Mantis

Blame: 1.2

Reasoning: This is slightly a stretch, but none-the-less Mantis was the one that had the Mad Titan under her control. When Quill stepped forward and started losing his shit she could of held on a little harder. I mean the fate of the universe is at stake. Maybe her grip kinda sucks.

I don’t blame her for that. I blame her for not just straight up kicking Star Lord in the face when he started to go crazy. Would of knocked a small bit of sense into him you’d think, or at least gave a few extra minutes for them to keep him under control to take the gauntlet off.

  1. Drax

Blame: 1.5

Reasoning: Although he also doesn’t have much blame to go around, there is a major part he did screw up. However it’s unsure exactly how much impact it would have had due to the fact Thanos already had the upper hand. He was however single handedly responsible for blowing their cover at the Collectors base.

Again though, Thanos was already primed for them and waiting to ambush them. I guess it might have been possible for them to realize what was truly going on if Drax didn’t blow their cover. I doubt it though. He could of also stopped Quill during his freak out later by just taking two seconds to run over to him and knock him out.

  1. Bruce Banner/Hulk

Blame: 2

Reasoning: Look, I’m not really blaming Bruce here, he did everything he could to try and help everyone he could. Only thing you could really blame him for was coming up with the idea to save Vision by removing the Mind Gem without completely destroying it, which is understandable.


NO? WHAT DO YOU MEAN NO? You just want to die then?




  1. Wong

Blame: 3

Reasoning: “Oh no worries, you guys got this, I’m just gonna hang back, go protect the sanctuary. I know I said it was our sworn duty to protect the stone, but I think this is better. Okay thanks bye.” – Wong 2018 Infinity War (Probably)

Not that Wong would of probably really been able to help, the fact he stayed behind to protect the Sanctuary but not the stone is bull.


Dishonor to you and your cow Wong.

  1. Ironman/Tony Stark(Tony Stank?)

Blame: 4

Reasoning: Tony is always the guy who does things for the right, but it ends up being worse overall. Of course almost all of it is unintentional.

Tony actually didn’t do much of that this round, but he did miss a few major things that could of helped everyone.

For one, he was the first one to realize Starlord was about to lose his shit. Yes, he did try to stop him…

Sort of.

Tony, you are in a big metal suit, that flies. Take three seconds, throw a piece of your armor on Peter (I know you can do that) and fly him fifty feet away. Gives you plenty of time to take the Gauntlet off. Why did he just try and grab him? Obviously emotional people have a weird strength thing that wouldn’t of just let Tony stop him normally.

Seriously Tony. Mr. Stank. Get it together. Dude, you’ve done it before. Come on. Fate of the universe at stake here Tony.

  1. Thor

Blame: 5

Reasoning: Thor, god of thunder, son of Odin, rightful king of Asgard…

Can’t aim for a god dang head.

I hate that I have to blame so much on him, because realistically, he lost a lot in this. He’s had no breaks. He lost Asgard and Odin in Ragnarok, and then everything else in this movie. Almost no rest in between. Yet he takes the power of a whole star in order to make a weapon capable of killing Thanos.

And then he doesn’t because he didn’t aim for the head.

I love you Thor, but buddy, Thanos might not be a Zombie, but please really, take the head off.

Sigh. Oh well.

  1. Scarlett Witch/Wanda Maximoff

Blame: 6

Reasoning: Wanda, I know you love Vision. We all do. We also know if it was up to you, you and Vision could just runaway and not deal with this BS.

But you can’t. You couldn’t. And now your inaction and inability accept fate that Vision had been talking about, how the stone was warning him about, put everyone in danger. If you had listened to Vision earlier to destroy the stone, everyone may have had a better chance. You waited until the last minute though, and now half of the universe is dead, including you.

I love you Wanda, you are a badass beautiful scary woman. BUT DEAR GOD. FATE OF THE UNIVERSE.

I don’t care what Steve said, 1 life, 19389473928729759238 Lives. You are trading lives no matter what, and no matter how much you love Vision, that amount of people do not equal less than Vision. I wonder what Quicksilver would have did instead.

  1. Nebula

Blame: 7

Reasoning: Let’s paint a picture. You and the gang are having a wonderous romp on a different planet than you are used too. You showed up late, trying to help them take care of a giant pest problem. You finally lock the pest down and are ready to take care of it.

Then you hear that the pest not only killed your sister, but it was also the love of your friends. You connect the dots and watch your friend go nuts. In doing so, he releases the pest, it turns into a major issue and eventually most of everyone dies because of it.

So…it begs the question, since you were able to control your emotions well enough and you KNEW the pest had to be taken care of WHY THE F#&^ DID YOU JUST STAND THERE AND LET PETE GO TO TOWN ON THANOS LONG ENOUGH TO JUST DESTROY THE ENTIRE PLAN!!!

WHAT THE HELL NEBULA! Other than Starlord, she was the only one DOING NOTHING!





  1. Loki

Blame: 8

Reasoning: Damn it Loki. I mean…sigh. Damn it Loki!

Did you really have to grab that damn cube? Was it necessary? Just because you didn’t want to have to run back to the shuttle and fly to the Asgardian rescue ship thing. No, you just wanted to teleport. You needed that damn cube?

What exactly did it get you? Dead. Everyone else? Dead.

In the end you completed your mission from Avengers 1. You gave Thanos the Tesseract.

Once he had the power and space gem, we had major problems as he wielded unimaginable power and could disappear at any time.

Loki, why? “You will never be a God,”?  I don’t know man, he sure as hell got pretty freaking close.

  1. Gamora

Blame: 9

Reasoning: “We need to go to Knowhere to stop Thanos.”


They can go! You don’t. Oh you know something that Thanos doesn’t, that he desperately needs to know? STAY A BILLION MILES AWAY FROM HIM AT ALL TIMES! RUN IN THE OTHER DIRECTION DURING EVERY SECOND OF EVERY DAY FOREVER!

Yes Drax, Why is Gamora? Why is Gamora so stupid to trust that she could kill Thanos when chances are she has tried, like her sister, and has been unable to. Why do you think you can kill him now that he has at least two stones? WHY GAMORA?



  1. Star Lord/Peter Quill

Blame: 9.99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999

Reasoning: So here we are. The biggest idiot of the universe. THE BIGGEST DUMBASS OF THE UNIVERSE!

Still stuck on Thor and wondering how you can top him?


God how could you not take a few seconds to just stop?! Do you not realize that in a few damn seconds they will have that Gauntlet off and you can go TO FREAKING TOWN ON THANOS’S CROTCH FOR ALL I CARE! NO! YOU GOTTA MESS THIS CRAP UP NOW?!

Did you listen to what Thor said? DESTROYED XANDAR!


One damn swoop and we will have the Space, the Power, The Reality, and The Soul stone and the damn Gauntlet that has the power to wield them.






And yet…you are still not the one with the most blame. No, that honor goes to someone else…

  1. Dr. Strange

Blame: 10

Reasoning: Some people haven’t realized this, still too angry at Quill (with good reason). However Dr. Strange is the worse of them. For MANY reasons. Let’s break it down shall we?

  • Strange actively is against destroying the time stone. Something that would of prevented Vision going though the double death he did and of course keeping half of the universe alive. Again I can’t reiterate this enough. THE FATE OF THE UNIVERSE! Forget the sanctum, your oath. PEOPLE WILL DIE!
  • Strange then basically refuses to use the Time Stone. Yes he used it to look into the future. However you know where else he could have used it? WHEN QUILL FREAKED THE HELL OUT! Imagine just reversing right before that power and then using one of your magic whips to hold Quill in place so he couldn’t do something stupid? At least until the damn gauntlet was off?
  • He went back on his word to not give up the stone. He said he would never trade it for Tony. Yet he did. Completely. Because why? “We’re in endgame now”? SO?! USE IT TO REVERSE THE DAMN FIGHT! Holy crap come on!
  • HE KNEW THIS WAS GOING TO HAPPEN AND DID NOTHING TO STOP IT! Don’t tell me he didn’t! He saw it! Just like the other 14 million endings. If he knew this was going to happen, why not be like, “TONY TIE HIS ASS DOWN!” or “NEBULA HOLD THAT MAN IN PLACE” or “STARLORD GO GET A TACO RIGHT AFTER WE CAPTURE HIM!”
  • Because he planned it this way…

Alright, real talk. The biggest reason he is the big idiot of this one, the reason he allowed this to happen, is because he did indeed allow it to happen. As he said “This was the only way.”

“This was the only way.”

Only way to win. First however we were all going to have to suffer a bit, including him. Including Peter Parker, including Tony watching someone he knew have something happen to him that he could do nothing to stop, die in his arms.

The truth is, this may save them all.

Or, Dr. Strange truly is an idiot.

Well that’s the list. Did you agree? Let us know in the comments. Did Thanos spare you too? You can check here.


Yeah that’s a thing now.

You agree with thanos? You sick bastard? Well you can join these redditors.

Yep nothing wrong with killing a bunch of people to make others happy. Like Hitler. No big deal.

Welp, if you need me, I’ll be in a ball in the corner of my room until May 3, 2019. When they say the next Avengers comes out.


Although chances are I’ll go see Antman and the Wasp, and Captain Marvel.


And Deadpool 2 with Thanos Cable.

Until next time. Peace.