Sam and Tyler are back with amazing guest Tony Kim from Hero Within Apparel! They discuss conventions, virtual conventions, fashion, and so much more!

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Hero Within Story:
For most of his adult life, Tony Kim has struggled to find fashion solutions that were both geeky and sophisticated. Like Kal-El traveling to Earth as a baby, the journey of interesting nerd apparel has been long and lonely. Then he and Michael Lew began collaborating on a number of fashion projects inspired by Tony’s love for the San Diego Comic-Con. By early 2015, it became clear that it was time for something different. Hero Within was born and the conceptual phase began. A great team has formed and Hero Within became official in early 2016. DC superheroes is where it all started with Tony many years ago- so it is an honor to partner with DC Comics™ for the launch of Hero Within’s first collection. In the spring of 2018, Hero Within added the Marvel Comics license and then Star Trek in late 2019.
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