Welcome to the first site-wide challenge for GGG! A CHALLENGE is an event create by us that involves both you, the audience, but also ourselves in a grueling, multi-tasking exercise. These will be tough, sometimes physically, sometimes mentally, but always difficult!

Eric, Evan, Tim, and Tyler have accepted to be the players and the challenge requires them to watch a whole film, 45 minutes+, every day for 365 days. What happens if they miss one? Oh don’t you worry. We have some entertaining consequences for you guys to enjoy!


Starting MONDAY, JUNE 13, 2016 our film buffs have to test their time management, attention spans, and significant others as they have to knuckle down and watch a screen for a long period of time.

The rules:

  1. The movie must be 45+. Some shorts may be that long, and will be accepted by the other participants. There are animated movies that are around 50 minutes, which we deem acceptable.
  2. You must review either in article, audio, or video form. You can do it daily, at the end of the week (Sunday), or on a consistent number of times per week.
  3. You must have proof you watch the film. (Pictures, video, w/e).


The consequences will be revealed at a later time. What is the fun in sharing those now? Check back soon for more details, and rest assured, the consequences will be available in video form or will affect the participant in a podcast episode.

So please, join us! Pick your own movies, plan your schedule, and challenge yourselves with us! This CHALLENGE is open to all our audience. We are very excited for this and hope that it is entertaining or informative as we quest down the popcorn-covered carpets of history.