Well, it’s finally begun. The new year and the beginning of our con season. If you haven’t listened to our two podcast episodes of The Con-Tinuation or Shukai, you will hear how much fun we had with this festival, but there was so much not said. With that being said, this makes it the fourth season for conventions for GGG (starting with Arcade Expo in 2015) and every year we have a different experience to kick it off.

Last year Eric and Tyler ventured to the very big space and unpopulated Comic Excitement. It was a desolate and really uninspiring way to kickoff the season, especially with the thought that Anime Impulse was happening at the exact same time a couple cities away. If you didn’t hear anything about Comic Excitement, it was a massive failure that only this article really sums it up well with an interview from our friend Aaron from Central Curios. A cosplay contest that summoned maybe 80 people who left afterwards, leaving the exhibitors and guests to do nothing. It was literally the worst way to begin our year.

Thankfully, last year turned around quickly with ALA later that month, which also comes up this weekend and we are excited! Having a high energy and fun festival like Impulse before Anime LA is, my mind, perfect. I have all the anxiety of starting the con year gone, still got my anime buzz going, and I have been getting more and more productive with scheduling out the year unlike the 3 years prior. What magic did AI have that made me feel this way?! That’s the sign of a perfect way of ringing in the new year.

We never dreamed that we would ever go to this many conventions, nor be doing the amount of content we do, when we went to Arcade Expo’s first year. We knew the ticketing person, got press badges and went thinking it would be the only one. That year alone we went to 13 conventions and improving our content and confidence after each one. Since we take a majority of November and all of December off from cons to relax and prep,  I never realized until this year that the first con is insanely crucial. Two season ago we started with Long Beach Comic Expo, which is always a fun convention, but never a highlight for the year.



ANIME IMPULSE is the exciting new project fusing the world of Anime and Video Games. The event will highlight appearances from celebrities, special guests, eSports, panels, cosplay, VIP parties, vendors, artist alleys, delicious food, treats, and the cutest (kawaii) fashion from our runway stage!

The goal for ANIME IMPULSE brand is to provide casual fans and otakus to gather and indulge in fandom. To meet like-minded people and motivate creativity within the community.

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Check out their website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram for more info and join the fun next year!