Welcome to The Gathering!  We are a collection of creatives, fans, gamers, and geeks dedicated to celebrating the things we love that make us who we are.  We have comedy shows that help bring joy to those just as geeky as us!

The Grand Geek Gathering was established in 2014 in Tyler’s living room, and we’ve leveled up ever since!  We began our journey with panels and video in 2016 at San Diego Comic Con and have returned every year with Unnecessary Debates ever since!  Check out our social media for upcoming appearances!

We have had many forms over the years, a podcast network, a blogging site, and now we are happy to be a production company bringing our debates and silly arguments to anyone who wants to listen. We hope to make you laugh and brighten your day! GGG!

Cofounders: Tyler McPhail, Evan Haigh, Jeff Aultman, Dan Silva