The Grand Geek Gathering is a multimedia network dedicated to celebrating the geeky things we love that make us who we are. Every Gatherer has different interests, passions, and traditions. We love that. As you get to know us on the Gathering podcast, we do not hesitate to share those passions and interests (or shove it down your throat).

We offer podcasts, articles, videos, streaming shows, and events to bring everyone together to celebrate geek culture. GGG was established in 2014 in the living room of a very loud, talkative Tyler, and has leveled up since then. Our goal is to be a welcoming and inclusive space for everyone to come together and share their passions, generate conversation, and create entertainment.

We started with 6 people on one show: ‘The Grand Geek Gathering.’ Now we are currently producing 5 podcasts, presenting panels at conventions throughout the year, holding scheduled Twitch streams, and creating video content. We have a lot of plans to bring even more entertainment to the geek community. We want you to realize how awesome you are and that you are part of a community. So welcome, come on in, and join the Gathering!