That’s another week down. It’s been a lot of fun so far, and all of us have watched some awesome movies check out the guys’ most recent week below. Also, Tyler had to do his first punishment while at San Diego Comic Con. During that week he missed two more days, and we’ve decided on his punishments. One will be filmed and the other will be done on his next podcast appearance, stay tuned for those coming up soon.

To see Eric’s most recent films, click below. To follow his progress daily, follow him on Instagram: @MrEricTheRed

To follow Tim’s daily progress, follow him on SnapChat: StapeChat.

To follow Tyler’s daily progress, find a crossroads located in the middle of a field, both roads must be dirt. Sit on the east-most corner facing the intersection. If your heart is pure, you will be approached by the Sorrowful Wight who will detail Tyler’s progress.

See Tyler’s first punishment below: