Eric, Tim, and Tyler are still watching movies, but it’s time for Tyler to catch up on the ones he’s missed. Tyler satisfies one punishment by talking in a weird accent for the entire duration of last week’s episode of the podcast, The Gathering. For Tyler’s other punishment, check back here to see Tyler playing Chubby Bunny to the tune of Bill Pullman’s Independence Day speech, you know the one.

To see Eric’s 9th week, check below. Also follow him on instagram @MrEricTheRed to see his daily progress.

Eric’s Week 9

To see Tim’s progress, follow him on SnapChat: StapeChat.

To see Tyler’s progress, first travel to Brigadoon and locate the soul of Cary Grant. I’m not sure how this will help, but you’ll be chilling in Brigadoon with the Ghost of Christmas Awesome. You’d better send me a damn postcard.