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AKA The Gatherers


Role: CEO/Host/Producer/Writer/Co-Founder
Born and raised in the heart of Texas, Austin, where all the weird people live. He is nothing more than a man who channels nothing but hyperactivity and geekdom pride. He is loud, opinionated, and looking for any opportunity to entertain people. After a few attempts at creating podcasts shows with Evan, Tyler tried again and created ‘The Grand Geek Gathering Network’ with some of the greatest people he has ever met!
What shows I can be found on: The Gathering, GGG Spot, Indicomix, The Con-Tinuation
What do you geek out about the most? Anything geeky or awesome. Film, TV, video games, comics, manga, anime, books, musical theater, stand up comedy, podcasts, math, Ancient Greek mythology, gadgets, etc. DBZ, Batman, the Question, The Flash show, Game of Thrones, ‘Tales of’ games, anything Tolkien related, Paper Mario, Sondheim, Genshiken, Firefly, Star Trek, the Muppets, Looney Tunes, KINGDOM HEARTS,  and anything animated are my true passions! I am obsessed with Kingdom Hearts!


Role: Executive Director/Host/Thunderdome Champion
If you want to fight about inane nerd stuff, specifically relating to movies, then Eric is your guy. He’s a trained movie stuntman, retired archaeologist, home-brewer, and writer. He’ll also cut you over use of the Oxford comma.
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What shows I can be found on: The Gathering
What do you geek out about the most? Star Wars, Joss Whedon, original stories, film noir, and action-adventure movies.


Role: Contributor/ Video Editor
A true Wildcat from Tucson, AZ. She’s been obsessed with movies her whole life and with a degree in Film and Television producing, decided to make movies her career. She’s still trying to convince people of her place in the world but knows that big things are happening.
What shows I can be found on: The Gathering
What do you geek out about the most? Movies…pretty much all movies. More specifically, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars and Indiana Jones. TV is also one of her things, being proud to be part of the SuperWhoLock fandom.



Role:  Head of Social Media/ Article Editor Assistant
Twitter: @Matsuuumoto
Instagram: H_Matsumoto
Steam: hmatsumoto/Dokimoto (I forget which one finds me)
Quiet, geek-ish, and full of attitude. Growing up on the stage throughout the Inland Empire, Haley has a passion for musical theatre and filmmaking that gives her drive to work hard and be entertaining.  She’s glad to have a place to speak her mind and learn more about the things she loves. If you want to be Haley’s friend, bring her junk food.
What shows you can be found on: The Gathering, GGG Spot, IndiComix
What do you geek out about the most? Harry Potter (ten points to SLYTHERIN), Lord of the Rings, Hunger Games, Rick and Morty, Bob’s Burgers, Venture Bros, H Jon Benjamin, film in general, Amelia Cole comic series, novels, musical theatre, Pokemon, Nintendo games, Tsum Tsums, Ace Attorney, Elite Beat Agents, and of course, the use of proper English.

Sean (Kuma)

Role: Host/ Article Editor/ Creator of GamerKulture
Spends free time pouring over gaming news and opinion podcasts and articles, reading DnD/Pathfinder rulebooks for the umpteenth time, and continually saying he’ll watch tv shows and anime that he probably never will. Also, owner of and blogger for GamerKulture.
Check out my other projects:
What shows I can be found on: GamerKulture Podcast, The Gathering, GGG Spot
What do you geek out about the most? Disney history and lore/trivia, Star Wars, useless information, Final Fantasy, nerdy fantasy a la Tolkien, tabletop roleplaying games, board games
PC Spec:  Shitty


Role: Contributor/Graphic Designer and Advisor
Ashley is an artist with her Bachelor’s degree and a love of traditional animation and concept art. She spends a lot of her time at the Disneyland Resort, but when she’s not there she can be found geeking out to many different things. Her favorite nerd obsessions are Disney, Star Wars, Game of Thrones (the books and tv show), Jurassic Park, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Harry Potter, Batman, Halo, and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers; although she loves many other nerdy things. You can also find her on
Support/check out my art portfolio here:
Photo Credit: Ryan Situmeang and SituImage
What shows I can be found on: The Gathering, GGG Spot
What do you geek out about the most? Many, many things; but probably the four things I geek out about most are Disney, Star Wars, Jurassic Park, and Game of Thrones (both the books and tv show).


Role: Social Media/Contributor
Snapchat: shefangirls23
Kathryn is one of the Network’s resident anglophiles and musical theater nerds. When she is not living the fandom life, she is a senior standing Hospitality Management Major and an aspiring entertainment event planner. Kathryn is a founding supporter for the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures and enjoys being a part of live studio audiences.
What shows I can be found on: The Gathering and GGG Spot
What do you geek out about the most? Disney, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Marvel Cinematic Universe, James Bond, Narnia, Tolkien, Indiana Jones, Sherlock Holmes, musical theater, movies, British television, hockey, figure skating, The Olympic Movement, Dancing With The Stars, Food Network, and Cooking Channel


Role: Social Media

Geeks out the most about: too many things to name, but the ones that come to mind first are; any and all things Disney, Star Wars, Harry Potter (Gryffindor!), movie musicals, classic non-Disney animated movies, Game of Thrones, anything Marvel but ESPECIALLY Iron Man, ancient cultures/mythology, and food.



Role: Contributor/ Writer/ General Alcoholic
After spending 18 years growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area, Tim left and moved to beautiful Southern California, mostly to get away from his overbearing parents. After realizing the weather was hot and the people were douchebags, he turned to beer for solace and hasn’t looked back. He’s knowledgeable about sports, film, TV and general laziness, but his expertise lies in beer, drinking and brewing. He’ll talk to you about anything, but be prepared, he gets vocal with his opinions and might yell at you to make sure you hear him.
Support/check out my original series here: When it’s ready, you’ll know. Check out the Twitter page.
What shows I can be found on: Gathering, GGG Spot, whatever feels right and doesn’t interrupt my drinking.
What do you geek out about the most? Did you read my bio? Beer, obviously. Also, Marvel films. They’re pretty good.



Role: Host/Contributor/Co-Founder
A Renaissance nerd extraordinaire.  Jeff geeks out over practically all the fandoms that exist, most anyway if not all! Comics, movies, shows, video games, you name it. When not Warcrafting it up by day on his computer or working by night at his dreary job, he takes passion in high fantasy literature of the likes of Professor Tolkien or even George R. R. Martin and am quite the Dungeons & Dragons dungeon master and host. Also, Jeff is  quite the history and conspiracy theory enthusiast as well, but that’s best left to another conversation!
What shows I can be found on: The Gathering, GGG Spot, IndiComix w/ Jeff
What do you geek out about the most? Anything high fantasy. Middle Earth. A Story of Ice and Fire. D&D. Warcraft. Conan. Red Sonja. The list goes on and on of anything high fantasy/swords & sorcery related that I enjoy. Those are Jeff’s pre-eminent geekdoms right there.


Role: Contributor/Guest
Emily, aka SqueakyBear, is a YouTube Fanatic and recently joined the mayhem of recording her reactions to indie or nostalgic games. It’s not pretty. She also writes Sci-Fi and Fantasy. Emily aspires to one day write the next LotR. A tall order? Perhaps, but dreams are about reaching for the stars. She also blogs about the latest geek event/item that comes in her path or just whatever is on her mind.
Check her our on our ‘Friends of’ section
What shows you can be found on: The Gathering, GamerKulture
What do you geek out about the most? Youtube Gaming (it’s about the people, not the gameplay); Game Theories; Indie Video Games: like Undertale; Classic Horror Video Games: Fatal Frame and Silent Hill are my faves; Some Anime like Attack on Titan, Claymore, and Code Geass; Old Horror Movies; STAR WARS (not that prequel CRAP, but the cartoons are good); Planet of the Apes; Cosplay; oh and Star Trek.

Jon (Wyldkard)

Role: Co-Host/Contributor/Writer
Avid gamer and purveyor of anything online, Jon has a wide variety of interests. Has been gaming since being able to hold a Playstation controller at an early age. A renaissance happened with a revelation during the formative years of early high school; gaming is better on PC than console.  Since, Jon has been constantly dimension hopping from one game world to another  to eventually uncover the truths behind the physical, the virtual and the links that are ever forming between them.
What shows I can be found on: GamerKulture Podcast, The Gathering, GGG Spot
What do you geek out about the most? Well, there are the obvious things such as vidya games and Star Wars, but things like. Your ideals and people in general intrigue me, as a psychology major the facades that we liken to and place upon ourselves in either a website such as Facebook or the intense Distraction and joy received of playing an MMO with friends is fascinating. The Delighted inquisitive mind can come to one response to an infinite amount of questions; 42.


Role: Contributor/Co-Founder/Director of Drink N Dragons
Born and raised in Southern California, has been obsessed with films and stories since he could remember. Has worked in a variety of different jobs in the film industry, and continues to work towards directing and writing his own films. Works also on photography, animation, writing, and music.
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What shows I can be found on: The Gathering, GGG Spot, IndiComix
What do you geek out about the most? Great films like The Godfather, Goodfellas, Spirited Away, The Dark Knight Trilogy, Dr. Strangelove, Seven Samurai, and Mad Max Fury Road. Video Games: Halo, Star Wars KotOR, Monkey Island, GTA V, Arkham Series, Bioshock, Zelda, Mario, and Skyrim. TV: Shows are Breaking Bad, The Wire, Avatar: Airbender/Korra, Daredevil, Sherlock, Animaniacs, Hannibal, and Red Vs. Blue. Also loves William Shakespeare, Greek Classics, Watchmen, Kurt Vonnegut, Warren Ellis, and George R. R. Martin.


Role: Contributor/Grand Guest
Albert’s the San Diego Comic-Con veteran who has been attending the event since 1993, and loves being part of Geek culture. He watches as many movies as he can, and mostly sees them in movie theaters as often as 2-4 times a week.
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What shows I can be found on: The Gathering, GGG Spot, IndiComix
What do you geek out about the most? Movies in general from small indie films like “The One I Love” to big Comic Book Movies like the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Genre TV series like Buffy The Vampire Slayer or Firefly or LOST, and Classic Anime shows like Maison Ikkuko, Video Girl Ai, or Neon Genesis Evangelion.


Role: Contributor
IG, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat: @mangomonkeyboy
Wilt is a working artist [GASP!] creating graphics for live ­events, award shows, and occasionally movies and TV. When he’s not up at all hours of the day and night working on pushing pixels Wilt enjoys reading comics, watching anything animation related and building up pencil mileage in his sketchbook.
What shows I can be found on: The Gathering
What do you geek out about the most? Marvel, Spider­Man, Street Fighter, Pokémon, Fighting Games, Adventure Time, Regular Show, Steven Universe, Gatchaman, Basketball, Longboard Skating, animation, drawing, art techniques, vector art, and so much more!