GGG’s Summer is going to be insane! We have Danny back to kick off the summer! Big announcements in this episode!


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Jeff and Tyler run straight into a zombie apocalypse! See what happens on the new IndiComix!

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Sometimes, gaming springs a leak! Whether intentionally dropped hints from the developers, datamined information from available game files, or straight up poorly snapped phone photos, information doesn’t always stay under wraps.

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Shukai is back! What do we expect from anime and manga? Find out here!

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Already it is mid-June, Gatherers!  Where does the time fly?  Well I can tell you, with the onset of June gloom making things unpredictable outside, the time just seems to slow down to a crawl.


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Season 2 is coming soon! Check our Youtube channel for more content!

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Gathering Notices

GamerKulture Show Ep. 39 E3 2017 Roundup!

It’s our E3 2017 roundup! Today we go over our favorite (and not so favorite) announcements and games from this past week’s conferences! Did we miss yours, or do you disagree with us? Comment your thoughts below! PS: Kuma apparently REALLY hates... read more

Jeff’s Picks of the Week for June 21, 2017

Summer is finally here, Gatherers!  I don’t know about you but the days are becoming sweltering in my neck of the woods.  More chances to be either under the shade of a tree or by a central air conditioner, relaxing and reading up on new material.  Yeah, this is... read more

Winter Cyberland | Transister – Part 8

Many foes stand in Squeaky’s way on her adventure. And while it takes guts and bravery to cut them down, sometimes, you just gotta step back and enjoy the finer things. Like messing with the very weather of the city! Snow day! Check out Squeaky’s channel... read more

GamerKulture Show Ep. 38: The Game That Never Ends

What happens when a game stops being a game, and starts being a service? The answer: The future of gaming most likely. Games have slowly been moving towards the model of ongoing service vs. the old ‘fire and forget’ model of old. With continuous... read more

Nintendo Direct, June 2017 Announcements

In case you missed it (unlike myself, who totally didn’t sleep through it due to staying up late last night), Nintendo held their Nintendo Direct press conference this morning, and it was themed after the powerhouse monsters themselves: Pokémon! The buzz... read more

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