It is time for our yearly Extra Life streaming marathon! We are so happy to help the Children’s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC) once again this year. This is very important to us, so please check this article out and watch us on October 28th!

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Tyler and Jeff interview the extremely talented Joshua Williamson! From indie comics to the current Flash comics at DC, he has created some of the best stories out right now.

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Tyler hosts a panel at Alhambra Civic Center Library with 4 very amazing creative group of writers: Petrea Burchard, Michael Kogge, Michael Tanner, and S.A. Gibson!

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It’s fun to talk shop with topics and discussions on the show, but sometimes you just want to kick back with your friends and talk about what you’ve been playing!


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We just couldn’t stay away for too long so Tim, Tyler, and I sat down to talk about sequels. I wanted to know out of all the terrible sequels that we’ve been stuck with, what’s the one that you wish you could have gotten?

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Halloween draws closer, Gatherers!  This inescapable truth lies before us as October creeps onward to destiny.

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It’s time for a new episode! The Shukai cast talks about ‘Death Note’ ‘Ghost in the Shell’ and how to STOP MAKING SHITTY MOVIES! Join in as they go full internet.

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Hey folks! The Gathering will be coming back for episode 121 the week before Stan Lee’s Comic Con! Until then, check out IndiComix,GamerKulture, ShuKai, and Fireside Chat!

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Season 2 is coming soon! Check our Youtube channel for more content!

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Gathering Notices

Party at Jarvis House w/Mitch!

The Friday the 13th gang is here! Squeaky and friends know how to party on this 13th of October, and where better than the realm of Jason Vorhees himself? This DLC gives us both a new character and the location of Tommy Jarvis’ home. Now you too can try to... read more

Star Wars: The Last Trailer

I’m not watching the new Star Wars trailer. I’m not gonna do it. Seriously. I’m going to walk into the theater as fresh as I can (I tend to swim in the pop culture rivers so I’m not certain how successful I’ll be), and enjoy a Star Wars film. For one thing, I... read more

Jeff’s Picks of the Week for October 11, 2017

Halloween draws closer, Gatherers!  This inescapable truth lies before us as October creeps onward to destiny.  And like you I am most interested to see what great horror comics are to be read!  What kind of spooky tales can we expect this week?  Well, let’s... read more

GK Plays: Quiplash 2!

Ever wondered how the inner machinations of the GK crew’s minds work? If the answer is yes, you clearly don’t watch enough of our videos. Yet another part of our first foray into the Jackbox games, Quiplash tests your ability to be snarky, sarcastic, or... read more

Adventures with Donald Duck and Chicken Drummies Part 2

Months ago, we released a video of Squeaky having a run it with a certain Duck on Friday the 13th: The Game. This continues her adventure. Thankfully for Donald, our players are more concerned with chicken than they are with any duck today. Thus begins part 2 of one... read more

Nerdbot Con Cosplay Video

Hey everyone! Tyler and I went to Nerdbot Con in Pasadena over the weekend and had a BLAST. This was the second year for this convention and they were in a challenging space (the Pasadena convention hall doesn’t have the greatest layout), but damn if they... read more

Cuphead and Kuma! | Part 1

IT’S FINALLY HERE! Cuphead has finally graced up with its presence, and Kuma sits down to some ever so lovely aggravation. Sorry for the black bars, still working on that. Cuphead is a 2d sidescrolling/platformer/shmup that pits the ink-blot style, hand drawn... read more

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